Service Delivery Methods

  1. Shipping Your Documents To CIBTvisas

    CIBTvisas recommends that you use a secure and traceable delivery method such as FedEx or UPS when shipping your documents to the CIBTvisas office location that will process your order.

  2. Shipping Your Documents From CIBTvisas

    CIBTvisas will return your completed order via overnight mail. Return shipping is included in the total cost of your completed order. CIBTvisas can accommodate specialized shipping needs such as international, weekend, same-day, and after-hours delivery. Additional fees will apply to custom delivery options. Please contact CIBTvisas’s Customer Care Center at (52-55) 5282-0020 or [email protected] for further details.

  3. Package Tracking

    CIBTvisas provides package tracking for all orders that are shipped FedEx and UPS delivery services. Simply click on the logo of the delivery service carrying your order to track your packages in-transit.

Check Your Order

Want to see if your order is on track to meet the date you requested your documents? Use the CIBTvisas Order Status tool to see the most current update to your order.    

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Informed Traveler

Informed traveler provides the critical insight you need to travel safely and securely during the COVID pandemic. A trained specialist will review your entire trip and deliver accurate up-to-date information on entry requirements, health regulations, quarantine protocols, what to expect when you arrive in your destination, and what you need to know for your return trip.

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